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Flasher / Control Boxes

We offer a range of flasher / control boxes which allow you to make your lighting flash / chase. You are also able to control the speed of these actions.

Our smallest standard flasher / control box is 24vac with 4 channels.

This model is able to:

Run 18 x E14 & E10 24v LED Lamps Per Channel (72 in total)

Run 18 x E14 24v LED Golfball / Globes Per Channel (72 in total)

Run 14 x All-In-One 24v LED Fittings Per Channel (56 in total)

You will also require one of our 100w 24v power supplies

If you have more lights to run we can make them more powerful and if you need more or less channels than 4 this is also possible. Please contact us for a quote.

They are available in 24v, 110v and 240v.


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