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LED Lamps

Cabochon Caps

Single Colour LED PIXEL

Lamp Holders

Incandescent Lamps

Available in sizes E14 and E10. With a choice of 14 colours.  

Save up to 80% energy, Last up to 50,000 hours.

E14 - 24v, 60v & 240v - E10 - 24v & 60v

Complete weather-proof fitting. LED light source and lamp holder inbuilt.

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E14 & E10 Solder and Spike on lamp holders.

Incandescent Lamps Incandescent Lamps

Random flashing LED strobe, for use in E14 Cabochons.

E14 LED Strobe

E14 LED Strobe

LED Golf Ball / Globe

Traditional Golf Ball / Globe look with the benefit of being LED.

Cabochon Accessories

Collars for when Cabochons are not needed and rubber seals.

230v to 24v Power Supplies

For use with our low voltage 24v lighting.

LED Golf Ball / Globe 24v Power Supplies Single Colour LED PIXEL

Flat Cabochon Caps

Flat profile Cabochon Caps. Available in E14 and E10.

Flasher / Control Boxes

Make your lighting flash and chase with different effects.

Flasher /  Control Boxes